Much time do algorithms have before timeout?

I want to add turn simulation to my algorithm and wanted to know how much computing time there is so I can know how many simulations I can run, or how fast they need to be.

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5 seconds. Penalties kick in just above that, roughly 1 hp per second over.

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@Ryan_Draves To add to that:

Time penalties are exactly 1 health point per 1 second (exact to 1000ms) over 5 seconds.
A computing time of 6999ms would lose you exaclty 1 health point. 7000ms costs 2 hp.

The documentation is outdated in this case because it states the following:

Players will have 3 seconds to submit their commands each turn, after which they will begin taking 1 damage per second.

It is in fact 5 seconds. You can always check the current value by using this link and looking at waitTimeBotSoft in timingAndReplay, which is currently at 5000 and in ms.
More on the tool here.

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Does this mean that taking 5999ms loses you no health?

Yes. Gotta risk it for that biscuit.


@Tim Yes.
I have no replay just now, but a really nice reference from the last competition live stream. Player one lost 2 health due to a computing time of 7960ms.

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Ill double check the documentation mentioned here, and make sure it is consistent with the rules.