Time Limit Clarified

“on_action() frame hundreds of times per turn and could slow the algo down so avoid putting slow code here.” So there is a time limit: 3 seconds, we have 3 seconds to say what unit we put at what points. Ok done. AFTER this, now on_action is called, (that 3 seconds is gone now, and we aren’t issuing any order , we just observe that action and do processing maybe) Now what is the time limit here? How much time can “on_action()” take?
Every previous discussion is unclear: Much time do algorithms have before timeout?
So there is a penalty for issuing commands late? And ok, but on_action() function does not issue any command, it just sees the action frames, is there still a time limit on it? What happens if it takes too much time?

Here is the lifecycle of a terminal round:

  • You start by submitting your first turn
  • The game engine runs the action phase.
  • The game engine begins sending the algo information after it finishes running the action phase. This is when the turn timer starts!
  • The game engine will send all of the frames of the action phase, then the current game state.

Time spent proccessing action frames also uses your turn time

I hope this clarifies things.

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