Big Update: The Terminal S3 refresh

It seems pretty rare, I tried a few dozen times and was only able to replicate it once, so you should be fine

Looks great! Although competition pages (for an individual competition) are showing up blank

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Woaahh it’s so different! I just watched one of my replays and realized I had gained zero insight into my algo’s flaws because I was too busy admiring the new graphics and UI :rofl:

Ill make sure this is fixed tommorow. Was working on the test environments, so probably some small oversight

Has the download replay button been removed? and if not where can I find it?

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Nice updates, I like the new look of things, however I can’t seem to find the debug logs anywhere (in the playground). Either I’m blind or they’re gone?

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I like the new style! However I find very hard to read the matches summary, especially defeats because of the colors

Scroll down! Seems to be working on our end

Hmm, nope doesn’t work for me. :slightly_frowning_face:

Are you in the new fullscreen mode? There is a button in the top right corner you can click to toggle fullscreen. What are you doing to reach the playground? What are you using for player 1 and 2?

Yes, I’m in fullscreen, I know about the button, I am playing against one of my algos by hand.

Ahh, I can replicate it now. It looks like if either player is by hand it is hidden, rather than both players as it should be.

I expect you will be able to see it in an algo vs algo game

Yeah the grey in the matches summary does blend in with the background a bit.

Also, would it be possible with the new layout to take advantage of all that horizontal space and finally display the full names of opponents in the match history? Many people’s name length is long enough that the version numbers are cut off and I have to play each match or use the rank score to figure out which version it was against.

Is it like this for everyone or can I change a display ratio somewhere?

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ehhmm, nope still nothing

ok, it works for algo vs algo,

I am a bit skeptical about some of the post game stats:
For example here the cores on board and the bits lost to decay

Looks like a rounding error on bits lost and definetly a significant issue with cores on board, ill check how those are bing calculated

Is there a way to view the completed matches in a competition in the new layout?

That is definitely an oversight… We will add the matches tab back within the next few days. Thanks for your patience during the transition.

Edit: Done

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