Post Refresh Patch 2

Re-added missing features

  • Matches tab for competitions re-added
  • Leave competition button re-added
  • Seasonal leaderboard tabs re-added
  • Download replay for matches is now available in the additional options menu on the playground, accessible by clicking the button with 3 dots on it during a game (top right of the replay-player menu):

Is this by design ?
When browsing other competition (bronze 5), in the navigation for other competition, I expected to see the other “seasons” of Bronze 1-4.
But it is currently showing all my active competition, Silver 1-5 … and it is a bit confusing in this view.

Ill investigate this tomorrow

where do I press if I want to sumit my turn by hand?
I can’t seem to find it, am I blind?

Hmm, looks like a bug. Ill see if I can reproduce it

No, don’t worry, I just figured it out after I posted it, but the forum was down.
I was zoomed-in to much. Thanks though

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