AI for Terminal

Its been a long time since I have checked Terminal and last time I did it was quite difficult to get started with ML in Terminal because of the performance issues.

Interested to see what people have been upto and to see if ML or more specifically NN have been used effectively in this challenging game?

I’m not aware of too many NN’s that were effectively used in the last couple of seasons. I know @Ryan_Draves made a decent one called ML_BOOTSTRAP, he made a thread about it if you are interested:

Further I know @paprikadobi made one based on my old algos xD, diskussed a bit at the end of this thread:

Machine learning in general was talked about here:

But for now I know of no one who effectively got into the top 10 or something with a NN algo.
This might change this season though, since machine learning libraries were installed on the server, making it way easier to implement:

I’m quite sure some people are at least part time working on some machine learning algos (including my self btw), so I expect to see some on the leaderboard soon (if they aren’t there already, I’m currently not that active and haven’t checked)


Wow this is impressive really nice to see Terminal team add the libraries required, this is a good step :+1:
Thanks for the great overview @IWannaWin really appreciate it.

And if anyone is working on ML I think it would be awesome if you can share results / methods / status anything really just to give people an idea of the status of ML in Terminal.

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I’d love to work on a ML algo in full, particularly since life will be a lot easier with the new libraries being added. I tried some stuff before and most of the work was me just getting things set up properly. I will definitely share my progress once I get into it. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), my life has recently become very busy so I probably won’t be able to devote much time to this for a while :(.