Advanced leaderboard and better overview over matches played

Advanced leaderboard and better overview over matches played


I’m currently working on a tool, to help getting a good overview over the matches algos have been played and also giving an easy way to find matches of other users.

It’s main features are:

This is the link to the website:

I’m planning on adding more features in the future.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Damn, that is very cool! I’ll have a close look at it later, right now all the feedback I can give is: great work!

Wow it even gets your past algos, that’s very useful.


This is dope, ill add it to the community projects today


New Features:

  • added Settings for how many leaderboard pages (from the original one) should be loaded
  • added an option, to load algos additionaly, that have played against any of the algos from the loaded leaderboard pages
  • all of these settings are also stored in the url, so creating a bookmark with your prefered settings can save you a lot of time
  • added match tab, to view matches (experimental).
  • added a lot more links, to quickly click on any username or algoname to load the correct site


It has been fantastic! I’m actively using it to try to beat you (and everyone else)! How cooperative of you!

As a note, probably the most important feature for the match tab that I use is the ability to skip through the turns and always know the turn number of what I am looking at, since I most debug my program on a turn-by-turn basis.

It would also be super helpful if the match page would automatically orient the match to have the player on the bottom (based on the player selected on the player page)!



This feature will come for sure.

Awesome Idea :grinning:


New Features:

  • Finished Match Tab for now
  • Added automatic board flipper, so that the selected user is always on the bottom (as suggested by @acshikh)
  • Added buttons to skip to next / previous turns
  • Added option to change the replay speed (fps)
  • Added all necessary information around the game like bits, cores, username and algoname, etc.

I’m planning on adding even more powerful features to this website, but don’t expect me to release them before season 4 has ended. :grinning:

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