Advanced leaderboard and better overview over matches played

I’m currently working on a tool, to help getting a good overview over the matches algos have been played and also giving an easy way to find matches of other users.

It’s main features are:

This is the link to the website:

I’m planning on adding more features in the future.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.


Damn, that is very cool! I’ll have a close look at it later, right now all the feedback I can give is: great work!

Wow it even gets your past algos, that’s very useful.

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This is dope, ill add it to the community projects today


New Features:

  • added Settings for how many leaderboard pages (from the original one) should be loaded
  • added an option, to load algos additionaly, that have played against any of the algos from the loaded leaderboard pages
  • all of these settings are also stored in the url, so creating a bookmark with your prefered settings can save you a lot of time
  • added match tab, to view matches (experimental).
  • added a lot more links, to quickly click on any username or algoname to load the correct site
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It has been fantastic! I’m actively using it to try to beat you (and everyone else)! How cooperative of you!

As a note, probably the most important feature for the match tab that I use is the ability to skip through the turns and always know the turn number of what I am looking at, since I most debug my program on a turn-by-turn basis.

It would also be super helpful if the match page would automatically orient the match to have the player on the bottom (based on the player selected on the player page)!



This feature will come for sure.

Awesome Idea :grinning:


New Features:

  • Finished Match Tab for now
  • Added automatic board flipper, so that the selected user is always on the bottom (as suggested by @acshikh)
  • Added buttons to skip to next / previous turns
  • Added option to change the replay speed (fps)
  • Added all necessary information around the game like bits, cores, username and algoname, etc.

I’m planning on adding even more powerful features to this website, but don’t expect me to release them before season 4 has ended. :grinning:

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Im am planning on changing the current site quite a bit.

Therefore I want to know which of the current features are used and if you would like them to stay the way they are or if you have suggestions to make them better.

Please select tabs, that you find useful.

  • Home (Settings)
  • Leaderboard
  • Player
  • Match

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Some of my ideas are

  • to simplify the settings for the leaderboard
  • making it easier and more obvious how new players can find matches of top players
  • I might remove the Match tab again, since the only thing that is better than the original match viewer is, that you can flip the replay.

Please let me know, if you have any other ideas.

I actually really like the matches tab, as you can view replays on mobile devices that way.


That’s something I havent though of. Maybe I’ll keep it than and make it better.


Agreed! Its very convenient

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The official match viewer is incredibly slow on my computer! It is extra slow in Firefox and is doesn’t render correctly in Chrome, AHAH! (On Ubuntu). Anyway, last I used your match viewer, it could use a little more work, but I think it would be fantastic with those small changes.

Getting ready for last season I used the python/matplotlib match viewer exclusively for reviewing matches because it was really easy for me to navigate through it both by turn and also by frame, and having lots of information on the screen! It would be wonderful to have a similar level of features and reliability online!


@acshikh thanks for your feedback. Performance was really the main thing for me when creating my own match viewer, but right now (I think they improved the performance of the original one aswell some weeks ago) I can’t see a big difference in performance anymore. So how much faster is my match viewer on your computer?

I never used the python/matplotlib match viewer a lot, because for me, performance was very bad with this version. Can you please be more specific on which features are missing?

This should be working right now, besides the feature that it skips turns, in which no player sent information units.

So I just checked them both out again! I think you are right that the official viewer is better now than before, but it still lags noticeably for me. The main feature I would like, actually, is to be able to keyboard control everything! left and right for single frames, and then like ctrl+left ctrl+right for whole turns, as well as space bar for pause and resume, and say up and down for faster and slower playback! The python viewer lets me use all the keyboard stuff which I really love!

Not that these specific bindings are the ones I need, but just to give some examples of the control I like to have with the keyboard!

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Thanks @acshikh. I will add these keyboard controls soon.

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Also, another really small thing, but I would rather it start paused than already playing! (or it could be a setting or something)

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Great suggestion

I added following keyboard controls to the match tab:

  • left and right for single frames
  • ctrl+left ctrl+right for whole turns
  • space bar for pause and resume
  • up and down for faster and slower playback

Next features that are coming soon:

  • Match viewer will show removals and upgrades
  • A fix for the visual bug, that occurs when two information units move close after each other and the later one is invisible
  • Responsiveness generally but especially for mobile devices

Big Match-Viewer Upgrade

All of the promised upgrades to the older version of the match viewer are done now:
You can get to the new version using this link:<matchID>

This version does not only look better, the performance is also better.
The gameboard resizes automatically to fit your screen size, which allows for watching two or more replays side by side and watching replays from mobile devices properly.

I also changed the links to matches from the Player tab to link to this new match viewer.

This version has also a button to flip the replay. (There are plans to add automatic flipping by settings in the future)

But this viewer is still not finished and there are lots of things in my mind that I want to add around it.
The following Items are ideas from myself of thing I would like to add in the future:

More Links to this viewer

  • Maybe a site, that gives a good overview over recent matches from any given player
  • Or a site, that automatically shows and selects recent matches from top players/algos

Settings in general

  • for things like optional autoplay, automatic flipping to certain player(s)

Improving the match viewer itself

  • adding a way to show how much damaged firewalls have (don’t know how yet)
  • adding more information to it, like cores_on_board, time_took_last_turn or current rating of both algos
  • adding slider to select any point in time during the replay to show
  • adding buttons/slider to change playback speed (currently only possible with the keyboard keys UP and DOWN)
  • adding visual information to show which shortcuts there are to do the same actions that the buttons provide
  • making buttons bigger for mobile devices

Reworking things of the previous website

  • like the advanced leaderboard and the player tab

I have not decided yet which things I will do next. Feel free to suggest other things aswell and tell me which features are the most important to you.

If you want to create any form of visualisation of terminal matches (like e.g. the terminal-competition-viewer from @IWannaWin or the Terminal-Tracker from @bcverdict) feel free to link matches also to this match viewer.