Terminal Competition Viewer

So I found the terminal competition matches with all the different brackets a bit difficult to read, so I made this competition viewer to visualize them matches a bit better.

All you need is the ID of the competition, which you can get from the url:
And the bracket you want to visualize.
Then just put both in the given text input fields, here is the url to the site:

Don’t expect anything to great, this is just something I hammered together as quickly as I could. But I think it helps quite a bit in seeing what’s going on, especially with the tiered competitions running again.

Here is an example (bracket 1 of the first bronze competition of season 5):

The code:


Ill add this to the community contributions post

Great stuff!

I’ve had similar thoughts regarding a better way to view competition results and had started a similar project myself :smiley:

My scope was a bit larger though as I’m using the project to play around with blazor too, so we’ll see if it ever materializes into something worth sharing!

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I wish I hadn’t seen that :grin:

@IWannaWin I really like it.
It’s much easier to see the results.

As an Idea, you could add links to the replays.

Thanks, yeah I was planning on doing some kind of an update soon. Linking the replays is a good idea.

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