2021 Kickoff

2021 Kickoff Competition
To get our incoming spring season players warmed up and familiarized with terminal, we are hosting the 2021 kickoff competition. This competition will be public for all terminal users.

The competition will be open to join sometime next week. Users can start working on their competition algos on the first week of febuary, during which participants will enter ‘competition mode’ and gain access to the competition config.

The competition will end at 11:59PM on Febuary 7th, giving players 1 week to work on their algos.
We currently do not plan to stream the final matches.

Prizing - $250
Format will be Round-Robin-Groups.
Players can compete individually or in teams of 2-3
Top 4 players/teams will earn $50
Top player/team will earn an additional $50

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Are teams allowed in this or is it individual

Great question,
Teams are allowed. Note that as of this season, Competition teams are separate from online teams. You will need to use the team builder inside the competition to form a special competition team after the competition opens up next week.