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New feature: Competition Teams
Previously on terminal, players would have exactly one team. They would compete with this same team both in the online leaderboard, and in competitions. This caused some confusion and strange edge cases, like how to handle the situation where one team member entered a competition, but the others were ineligible.

Now, when you join a competition, you will create a new, separate team to compete in that competition with. This team will be effectively ‘disbanded’ and not used anywhere after the competition ends.

Functionally, this change should have very little impact on user experience, and just make things more intuitive.

As always, please let us know if anyone has issues with this system or suggestions for the team.

I have been unable to accept an invitation to a team. It says “invitation expired”. Are we doing something wrong or is there a bug with the system or something?

Hmm, I will investigate. Thanks for the heads up

I can confirm this is a bug and it will be fixed later today.

Fix is now live