Unable to see images and emoji's in forum

Since the recent Forum Updates I have been unable to see emojis (eg :slight_smile:) and/or content (like pictures) uploaded to the forum. Instead, emojis are just their text version (:slight_smile:) and pictures say the content cannot be loaded. I can, however, see emojis when I am in the process of creating a post. For example, on the right side of my screen right now I can see the smiley face above, but after I post it I can no longer see it.

Looking at the link that is being used (for pics), it is the old c1playtestforum.com. If I open the link in a new tab and manually replace the domain to be forum.c1games.com, then I can see the image by itself. This obviously doesn’t work for emojis. I have tried clearing my cache and cookies and hard reloading but beyond that haven’t done much investigation into it yet.

I am wondering if anyone has experienced this as well (and if they found a solution) or if C1 may know what is going on.


Same problem here

probably related: I also can’t see the profile picture in a quote

Thanks! I must have missed it or forgotten about that post, nice job :).

I have a few things on my plate today, but fixing this is definetly a priority. The root issue is that we did not properly setup this domain when we switched from c1playtestforum.com over a month ago, which has caused a number of other smaller issues. In this case, the SSL cert has expired on the old url which we no longer maintain, causing some security issues when we fetch resources from the site.

It shouldn’t take long to reconfigure it properly, I’ll try to do it today or tommorow.

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