Forum Updates 12/26/18

Hey everyone, I updated the forum today

Forum Updates:

  • Added two new catagories. ‘Algo creation’ for anything related to the algo creation proccess, and off-topic for things not terminal related or memes.
  • Updated all catagory descriptions
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent you from setting your theme to our default ‘Terminal’ theme if you changed it to ‘Default’ or ‘Default-Dark’, as these were not on the list.
  • Added new emojis for each unit, with the names ‘color_unitName’
    :sunglasses: :pink_filter: :pink_encryptor: :pink_destructor: :pink_ping: :pink_scrambler: :pink_emp: :blue_filter: :blue_encryptor: :blue_destructor: :blue_ping: :blue_scrambler: :blue_emp: :sunglasses:
  • Removed the difficulty column
  • Users cannot create usernames starting with C1
  • Users should not be able to see eachothers real names in emails or any other location on the forum
  • A few minor settings tweaks.

Terminal Bugfixes:
These fixes were put out last week, but were too minor to warrent their own update notes.

  • Units will no longer rarely survive for one additional shot when at 0hp.
  • Units will never waste a shot targeting a unit that just self destructed. Note that on the frame a unit self destructs, they will still attack once if able. This is intended.

Details on the two bugfixes:

There was an issue where a unit could survive until soaking one extra enemy attack. This was an error where if a unit was reduced to exactly one health, they had a 50% chance of having slightly more than 0 health and a 50% chance of having slightly less due to floating point precision. In the case where they had slightly over 0 health, they would soak one additional shot before dying. This occured, on average, once every 3 games. This is now resolved.

In terminal, each frame of the action phase is resolved in a number of steps. The relevant steps for this bug are self destruct, and attack. All units attack, choosing targets that are not yet ‘marked for death’. After each attack, if the target is reduced below 0 health, they are ‘marked for death’. The problem is that self-destruct occurs before attack, and we were not marking self-destructed units as ‘dead’ until after they attacked, so they were valid targets until then. This could allow other units to waste an attack targeting them.

Did you take down the c1playtestforum? I’m on hotel WiFi, which could be the issue, but if it was taken down the password reset still directs to that site and I wasn’t able to reset my password.

I’ll look into it. Did this happen prior to 5pm today or only after the changes?

Just now when I wrote the reply. If it isn’t down on your end it’s probably just the hotel wifi.

So it looks like we are definetly still using the old URL as ‘site_name’ for automatically generated emails. Ill correct that, and also ask the team if we intended to disable the other URL at some point.

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you might want to fix this too. Plus, what do you mean by theme? Am I missing a feature somewhere?

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If you click your face in the top right corner, then click the gear to go to settings, in Interface tab, you can choose a theme. I think the default themes are pretty icky though and would recommend sticking with the terminal theme, but it is preference of course.

you could add a theme that changed all of the blues to pinks.