Tomorrow: Last day to submit algos!

Hey everyone,

This post provides a reminder and the details of our schedule leading up to our Season 2 Grand Finale stream May 6th at 6pm ET on twitch.

Season 2 Grand Finale schedule
As a reminder of our schedule for the remainder of Season 2:

  • Tomorrow is the last day to submit algos. After 11:59pm ET tomorrow, the season transition period will begin.
  • During this period, you will be unable to add and remove Algos. Ranked games will continue, giving time for algo’s uploaded at the last minute to climb to their correct rank.
  • On May 3rd at 4pm ET, ranked games for Season 2 will stop, and you will be able to remove them and upload new Season 3 algos. At this point, the top 10 Season 2 algos will be entered into the Season 2 Grand Finale. The Season 2 leaderboard will be visible in a seperate tab, similar to the current Season One leaderboard. We will also make a forum post officially announcing our top 10.
  • On May 6th at 6pm ET we will be streaming the Grand Finale on twitch!

Season 2 Special Prize
In addition, we have set aside a piece of the prize money for a special prize similar to what we did in Season One. This season, the special prize will go to the user with the best problem solving report.

For anyone unfamiliar, a Problem Solving Report, PSR, is a report that highlights your work in terminal and skills in programming in a way that is more intuitive than raw gameplay footage.

Thanks! I was wondering if “last day” meant 29th midnight or 30 midnight. I have 1 extra day to perfect mine!

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lots of last minute updates out there, ratings on my old algos keep sinking…

Looks like entries close 11:59pm new york time.

I’m grinding. Tomorrow is school. But still terminal is more important :wink:

So … no need to select a specific algo for the tournament ?
The top algo from the 6 uploaded is select ?

Last season final, you’re algo with the highest elo was selected automatically, but if you wanted to, you could pm @C1Ryan another algo you would like to participate. I’m guessing it’s the same this time.

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Unfortunately haven’t had a lot of time to work on my actual algo this time around but looking forward to the competition!

Same, I’ve been slammed since the Terminal X competition. I’m seeing some of these innovations to the Demux structure for the first time and I’m quite impressed. I’m giving myself the last two hours to Hail Mary some changes, but we’ll see what becomes of that…

Edit: I see someone’s been maaking a lot of changes…

A relief we have 6 algos in the competition so nice we can kick off some wild changes into the final! Fun that there are a few unique cannons like hydra look to enter the finals versus all the demuxes.

Added some randomization at the last minute to spoof those top 3 algos running extremely accurate simulations it would seem.

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i missed the deadline
I live in oregon so time for me is different :frowning:
i’m soooooooooooooo dumb

Unfortunate @ReallyBadCoder, but there is always season 3. Good luck to everyone else though. Man I was really looking forward to seeing what @Ryan_Draves has for us but I guess you really didnt have time then. And what about @kkroep? I thought he might return.

Heyhey, that was my plan too, but I have an unexpected paper deadline for my new PhD so I have been crunching for the past two weeks. Bad timing…

Now I have to wait for the next big thing to do something last minute. When is the next big one?

I actually had a really cool idea to completely crush all algoritms that stem from my Demux, and I would call it “Kroeptonite”. Too bad

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yeah the Demux was brilliant, a big change having only filters defending the corners and not having zig-zag defenses but being able to attack in four directions pays off in the long run.

Haha, would have been a good name. Would it have won (do you think) against maake and myself, with the new corner EMPs thing? (if you know what I mean, otherwise I can send you a replay)

Please send a replay, so we are talking about the same thing :slight_smile:

[Edit] I forgot how the reply function worked. So now it should be fine

You should be able to tell the difference xD

Hey just wanted to say thanks to @IWannaWin and @Ryan_Draves, and anyone else who developed the demux strategy to what it currently is, for developing the tactics that our MAAKE algo uses. My team really didn’t do a lot of tactical innovation, we primarily just slapped other peoples’ ideas together and instead focused on the decision-making aspect of our algo. So just wanted to say we appreciate that you guys were clever enough to find these tactics that we’re using, thanks!


Don’t forget @kkroep! He was the original inventor of the structure. I just expanded on his transistor-like filter placements with temporary structures and made it symmetric because it was bothering me.


My “kroeptonite” would theoretically be stronger than both structures in that replay. However, I shouldn’t hype it up too much, because my attacking strategy has usually be a simple binary decision tree :wink:.

Also as the original creator of that Demux structure I have a good grasp of it’s weaknesses, and experience in making structures from scratch. Anyway, I hope to give you guys a good scare at the end of next season :slight_smile:

You should take a look at the finals of the first season. It was an all out war between the Demux algo, and a lot of spin-offs. Credit for @Ryan_Draves for developing an amazing algorithm that didn’t use this structure back then. His predictive structure was copied by a copy algorithm of @KauffK to beat me in the finals. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a fun watch!


That does sound cool! Any chance you could link me / show me where I could watch the season 1 finals?