Tomorrow: Last day to submit algos!


Edit: Removed large video preview as kkroep linked it above
Unfortunately, if you want to watch with no commentary, replays from season 1 are no longer available.
This will not be the case in the future - all replays will always be available in later seasons.

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I really should’ve switched to your structure during Season 1. I ended up trashing my entire defensive structure logic and using some basic psuedo-adaptive defenses with your structure.

You can see the massive boost my algo got just from changing structures.

Same here, the only reason I wasn’t in the top 10 last season (I ended 15th), is because I didn’t want to give up my maze (thanos if anyone remembers xD)

And yes I want to win :joy:

Also I really wonder what your algo might look like @kkroep . Guess I’ll be patient for now :sweat_smile:

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