Teaming rules clarification

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Is teaming allowed?

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Global Competition Prize Distribution

I just wanted to have some clarification about the teaming rules, as I saw this recently on the leaderboard:

And from the point of view of my algos, TEAM06_CLW and TEAM06_CLW_TEST2 had the exact same behavior.

This is a team from the UMich live event that is still actively working together. There are certainly multiple teams in the leaderboards right now, like the PYTHONSMASHER accounts (unless that’s one person), Team20, and Team9 (my team).

I agree we could use more rules on this. It definitely seems unfair both ways to have the extra matches on the leader board and just disrupts ranking stability (e.g. winning 18 matches against 18 copies of the same algo or losing 18). I think most teams have been fairly responsible about multiple accounts, or at least too lazy to utilize them (my team’s next highest member is around rank 50 with a 3 week old algo). We’ve yet to see the same algo occupy multiple spots in a competition’s quarterfinals bracket at least. In the last competition only one duplicate team entry was submitted, and it looks like two very different versions stemming from a similar base structure/attack plan.

Yes I agree, my intentions are not to denounce something but it is more about making things clear so that it stays this way.

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Just to clarify team20 right now is just me. I still would like to clarification on the rules, though, and am open to teaming up if anyone’s interested (depending on the rules).