Is teaming allowed?

My friend MilanLR and I (CarpetScratcher) are working together on the same algorithms, but we use different accounts, is it allowed to upload the same algorithm on both our accounts?

Ill talk to the team about this on Monday. We just held our first team event at UMich and are definitely going to need to make a specific policy for teams working together on the ladder. Ill prioritize this. Thanks for flagging the issue.

Personally, I feel it would be best if you only uploaded it on one account for now if it is exactly the same algo.

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I use an algorithm with the version 1.12 en MilanLR uses the version 1.2, they are slightly different, but almost the same, do you think this is alright or does one of us need to delete their version?

As long as they aren’t identical, its ok for now. I’ll make a forum post early next week about exactly what we decide, and contact you if you need to change anything.

Thanks for being honest about this, we appreciate you making an effort to stick to the rules

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Thank you for answering my questions and I will see your post coming soon :smile: