Status for "Terminal X – Data Engineer Job Competition"

I applied for the next online competition few days ago, but did not recieve any notification yet.
Is there any specific timeline for “starting it” or may be it is not open for every one ?

We have not sent out invites yet, but it will be running on the S3 config, so the work you do now will be applicable for it!

So, actual tournament will be less than a week,
and algo submiton will end at midnight, Monday 20 of May ?

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We put the competition up so that people could start joining and going through the invite flow. We will have more details within the next day or two.

Competition data was updated to 5/28.
My guess is they will anounce it start of next week, and will have a full week to compete.

There is more info on the slack channel :slight_smile:

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Full details are here