Terminal X: Full details

Hey everyone,

The first online competition of Season 3 is upon us, with up to $800 in prizes! Everyone is welcome to participate, so sign up here.


  • We will send out invites on Monday, May 19th.
  • There are no hard requirements, everyone who completed their application will be invited
  • The submission deadline is 11:59pm Monday, May 26th
  • The competition will be streamed Tuesday, May 27th at 6pm


  • The competition will use the Season 3 config, so you can work on your algo at any time
  • This is a team competition, you will have to be on a team of 2-3 to participate
  • Prize: 200$ to first place, 100$ to second place, 50$ to 3rd/4th place
  • Prize increases by 50% per new player on the team, up to 100% for two new players.
  • A ‘new player’ is an account created after May 3rd, the start of Season 3.

As always, if anyone has questions, feel free to ask below

@C1Ryan My partner and I were counting on some last minute hours to work on our algo since I was gone for the weekend, and it now appears that the competition has closed despite what (I believe) the deadline was.

According to the post above:

But the dates don’t match the day (monday is the 27th, tuesday is the 28th). Either way, the timing for the competition deadline seems off. I am no longer able to choose an algo for the competition even though it is currently 6:39 MT (2 hours behind EST) but it seems the deadline stopped at a different hour.

We are continuing to work and upload before what we assume is the correct deadline which would be 10pm for us, but would love to know whether we are too late.


This was our bad, the competition ended 4 hours early. If you message me your entry ASAP I can make sure the correct algo is submitted, otherwise, your highest rated team algo will be used.

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Is it possible to add a deadline timeout clock, somewhere in the competition screen ?
Working in multiple timezones, and at least a few international players … it will be nice to have clear perception of the time left. And may be spot issues like this one earlier

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I agree with you here, it would be a big improvement in general. This has come up internally, I think it’s rotting in the backlog somewhere. I’ll see if we can make it happen, we are juggling a few things right now so it may not be a huge priority.

Edit: Just mentioned this to C1Junaid, I believe that we do have a countdown in the top-right corner of the competitions page! Here’s an example of what that looks like on a test page. Let me know if its not showing up.

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