Self Destruct Question

Quick question. When a unit self destructs does if fire first and then self destruct or does the self destruct replace an attack? Thanks.

  • Units will never waste a shot targeting a unit that just self destructed. Note that on the frame a unit self destructs, they will still attack once if able. This is intended.

From this update. I think it’s the most recent change in self destruct behavior.

Should the unit still self destruct if that shot destroys an enemy unit and opens up a new path?

Interesting. I’m going to say probably not, since the action frames start with the pathing/moving logic, run through the damage logic, then end with removing dead units. I think by the order of it the unit would be removed from the map after self destructing before recalculating a possible new path the next frame, but it could also go the other way if they put that in the self destruct check. That might be worth testing if you want to check, but I suspect it’d still self destruct.

In this replay file (I have yet to find an instance in an actual game) on turn 23 a destructor is destroyed and then my pings self destruct. I’m not sure if this is intentional or a bug.

Hm. That was a failed destruct too (< 5 locations moved), although I doubt it’d be different with a regular self destruct. My guess is intended, for the first reason in my last reply, as well as simplicity.

Well that throws a wrench in my turn simulator

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Weird with just a few pings or destructors on the same board the self destruct doesn’t happen on my machine under any condition, but with exactly 19 pings against 1 destructor I see the same self destruction.

There’s only 3 action frames of attacks so the pings can’t destroy the destructor in time. The build move takes up one frame. With 3 frames of attacks I used 11 pings against 1 encryptor (30 stability) and the pings destroy it in the 3 action frames and move through freely.