Season 5 Finale Details

Important information: Top 10 players from season 5 should message C1Ryan before 6pm on Friday to choose which of their Season 5 algos they would like to have particicpate in the final competition. By default, your highest rated algo will be chosen. Message me if you have any questions

Hey everyone,

We have finalized the details for the Season 5 Global competition.
This post will discuss entry, tournament structure, eligibility, and rewards.
For anyone who was around for the previous Global competitions, this one is structured similarly, with some changes to the prize structure.

On Sunday, May 10th at 11:59PM ET we will prevent further algos from entering or leaving the ‘Season Five’ matchmaking group but will continue playing games, giving Rating time to stabilize on the leaderboard for algos uploaded at the last minute. You will still be able to see the leaderboard and your algo’s Rating and match history.
On Wednesday, May 13th at 4:00 PM ET we will lock in the leaderboard. The top ten players at this point will be entered into the global competition finals. Season 5 algos will permanently stop playing ranked games at this point, and you will be able to remove them to make room for new Season 6 Algos.

Prizes and Competition Structure.
The total prize pool for this competition will scale with the number of players who upload a season algo in the season.

<500 entrants == $500
500-750 == $750
750+ = $1,000

For context, there are currently 430 players who have uploaded at least one algo this season

There are 2 ways to win.

  1. Round Robin Groups
    Players will be broken up into two groups:
    5 players with odd rankings and 5 players with even rankings.
    All players will play against all other players in their group.
    Each win awards $20/$30/$40 for a total of $400/$600/$800
  2. Grand finale
    The player with the most wins in their group moves to the grand finale.
    In the case of a tie, the player who won the most matches among the tied players moves on.
    In the rare case, this does not produce a single winner, the rating will be used as a tiebreaker.
    The grand finale winner will earn an additional $100/$150/$200

We will be streaming the games Saturday, May 16th, at 6pm ET and run until around 8pm ET. As always, you can view the stream on our twitch channel .

Eligibility and Conflicts
Conflicts and issues will be resolved at C1’s discretion.

Season Six
Season 6 will use the same config, potentially with some minor changes.

As always, please ask any questions or raise any concerns below!


I can appreciate a scaling prize pool. Would you consider changing the displayed season statistics on the leaderboard page to reflect the number of players active in that season (and possibly in past seasons for historical purposes)?

For reference:

Assuming 25k is the total number of registered players, the best we could do is estimate any increase in new players likely means an increase in entrants, but that wouldn’t account for dormant accounts that decide to start up again or accounts that never upload a first algo.

This is a reasonable suggestion, it would be more consistent with the other stat-counters which are per-season. We are going to refactor the leaderboard code soon since it has slowed down in recent seasons with more algos and players. I’ll talk with the team and see how they feel about including this change with that work.

May 5th is actually Tuesday
@C1Ryan can you double check the dates please

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Thanks for catching this, sorry about that

Could we have a confirmation? I’m assuming you didn’t originally mean Sunday May 3rd!

Oh sorry, I edited the original post after realizing my mistake, I did originally mean today, but some people are probably under the impression that there are two more days i’ll postpone until next sunday.


Thank you! I checked the first post for changes when I saw your earlier response, but I guess it hadn’t been edited at that time!

Just to clarify another time, the finale stream will be Thursday May 14th or Saturday May 16th?

I didnt realize that date was suffering from the same off-by-two-days issue… I’ll lock in the later of the two dates so that nobody misses it.