Welcome to Season 6

Welcome to Season 6


Season Six is now live!

New Config
Season Six is releasing with a new config, discussed in detail here
This new config has two main changes:
Mini Destructor - In Season 5, players would save over a full turn to build a destructor. The base destructor is now much weaker and cheaper, while the upgraded destructor has the same stats and total cost as the basic destructor from Season 5. This allows small destructors to be built in areas where fewer resources are needed and allow players to more easily bridge the turn they are saving up for a larger destructor.

Upgraded Encryptor - The upgraded encryptors shielding is significantly increased, and now scales with its Y position, encouraging players to place them closer to the front opening up new possibilities for base layouts and attack strategies.

Specific changes from Season 5:

  • Encryptor+ shielding now scales with Y position, gaining 0.3 more shielding for every tile it is placed closer to the frontline. In row 10, it is equally as effective as a regular encryptor with a huge range.
  • Base destructor now costs 2
  • Base destructor damage is now 5, from 16
  • Base destructor range is now 2.5 from 3.5
  • Upgrading a destructor now costs 4
  • The total cost of the upgraded destructor is 6, and it has all the properties of the season 5 basic destructor: 16 damage, 3.5 range

Season 5 Finale This weekend
The final games of S5 are finished, congratulations to ourS5 top 10!
The season 5 finale will be streamed this Saturday, May 16th at 6pm ET as described here


Do you have plans for when the Season 6 auto-competitions will start?


Yes! Algos for the first week of competitions will be due the sunday after this weekend. The competitions will be visible later this week.