S3 finals prizs

S3 finals prizs


Has anyone received their prizes from S3 yet? I haven’t.


Me neither, but I think in the mail they’ve sent was something about that they would send it in 8-12 weeks. Not sure how long ago it was.


Judging by this thread

it was about 10 weeks ago.
So I guess there is still 2 weeks time.


Even though the UMich competition was after S3, I got the UMich prize as a check in the mail a couple of days ago, but still haven’t gotten the S3 prize! Funny that they switched from paypal (as they had originally said) to check, so I don’t know if similar trouble has affected the S3 prizes, especially as they are international.


I’ve been emailing back and forth once every 3 weeks or so… sounds like they had some sort of hangup with Paypal.


Ill double check with the events team and make sure things are going smoothly

Update: Everything has been moving forward, S3 finale money should go out within a few weeks


Any news on this?


Payments should go out at some point today through paypal. Please keep posting here if they do not.


I just received it, thanks! :grin: