Final Prizes for S3

Hey everyone!

Here is the complete breakdown of prizes for S3.
Rules on prizing can be found here

Prizing from leaderboard and Grand Finale
How much each of our top 10 won frome each prize condition (P1 - P4)
P1: All players who enter get $90
P2: All players who enter get (11 - rank)*$20
P3: Each round robin win awards $100
P4: Grand finale earns $500

Position P1 P2 P3 P4 Total
Paprikadobi 1 $90 $200 $400 $500 $1190
KauffK 2 $90 $180 $300 $0 $570
arnby 3 $90 $160 $300 $0 $550
quincyc3 4 $90 $140 $300 $0 $530
IWANNAWIN 5 $90 $120 $100 $0 $310
TEAM13_KEAN 6 $90 $100 $200 $0 $390
Acshi H 7 $90 $80 $100 $0 $270
n-sanders 8 $90 $60 $200 $0 $350
Demorf 9 $90 $40 $100 $0 $230
Michigan_Difference 10 $90 $20 $0 $0 $110

Prizing from ranked competitions
500$ is to be distributed across our gold players. I wanted to reward both high placement and long term participation and success. To this end, I assigned users ‘shares’ of the prize pool based on this ‘Share Criteria’ (SC1-SC3)

SC1. 1 share for each ranked point you have at end of season
SC2. 100 shares to all players in gold at end of season
SC3. 25 shares for a first place win in a gold competition, including Gold competition 2

All winnings are rounded up to the nearest $5

Points (SC1) SC2 SC3 Total Percent $
KauffK 100 100 75 275 18.3% $95
quincyc3 100 100 50 250 16.6% $85
arnby 90 100 50 240 16% $80
Paprikadobi 100 100 25 225 15% $75
Eric C 100 100 0 200 13.3% $70
n-sanders 13 100 0 113 7.5% $40
scott-hanpa 0 100 0 100 6.7% $35
Blonded 0 100 0 100 6.7% $35

Congratulations to everyone who participated in S3! Hope you all had a great time, and looking forward to everything you bring to the table for the rest of 2019!


Note to anyone looking through the Ranked competition histories: Due to an issue that occured when allowing algos to rematch at the end of season 3, some of the competition match history for these algos was accidentally removed as well. We will be restoring it in coming weeks, but for now the matches are not available.

How does this section work?

Oh ya, I meant to elaborate more on this.

We keep track of your ranked points in the backend. The main thing you need to know is that if you place in the top ~40% of a competition, you will gain points and at the bottom ~40% your points will go down. You need to have 2 consecutive ‘losses’ to fall out, the first of these losses will leave you at 0 points. Also, consistently finishing at the top will slowly have you trend towards the cap of 100 points.

I’m hoping to make things a little more transparent and whatnot next season before we start these back up

Being new to this, how exactly is the prize money distributed? Will you be collecting addresses or other information at some point?

Someone from the events team will reach out to you using the email you have set as your ‘contact email’ on your terminal profile. I don’t know the process beyond this step. Also, I already provided the info to the events team, so if your email is currently incorrect, let me know.


If you end up deciding to try that poster distribution thing that was mentioned in the stream (which I’m pretty keen on actually. Fun idea.), I imagine it would be a similar process? Email from events team for shipping info or somesuch?

Last time i recieved a small price, it was send via PayPal through my email address.
As far as I know, this works even if you don’t have PayPal account associated with the email, you recive invitation to create an account, and the funds are there.


They send the money to paypal, if you are in a team they divide it amongst you and your teammates so no need to handle it yourself.

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I’ll make a post if anything comes up from the poster discussions