Playground performace way lower than usual

I noticed this since the beginning of season 6.
This is probably also related to this issue:

As an example:
If I select my algo EAGLE_311 vs EAGLE_311 then this is the result: 4-3-2020-21-29-19.replay (159.4 KB)

Usually my algo takes about 1000ms for the first turns. In this case both of my algos hit the time limit when they stop the calculations to prevent loosing health. Interestingly it also seems like the resources between both algos are shared, since player one newer does any actions, because it hits the time limit before starting any calculations.

Seeing this leads to believe that on the playground performance is at least 5 times slower than normal.
In another game the boss RAPTOR takes over 20 seconds to compute things in the first couple turns.

Ill investigate this. Thanks for the heads up.

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I did the first-easiest thing and just restarted the server. Obviously not a long term fix, but could give some insight into the nature of the issue, and might make things better while we work on a proper solution.