Raptor is taking damage without being hit

I tried my algo against Raptor in the playground I and won without hitting him once in a few moves just because his health decreases without hitting him :smiley:

OK, just checked other reports and this is probably related to this -> Playground performace way lower than usual

Hehe, being the author of that algo, it might be the recent playground issues, could however also be my fault. Back then I had a very very slow simulator and now with the new config it has more materials etc. to work with and might over simulate and take damage due to taking more than 6 seconds, so yeah. (Maybe it could be worth updating that algo if c1 allows)

The first time I played by hand vs Raptor I was able to win only because of the self-damage :sweat_smile:

at some point Aelgoo54 is starting to damage itself as well