Nice way to get userId of other users?

Nice way to get userId of other users?


I might be missing something, but I don’t know an easy way to get the userIDs of other users.
The best way I found so far is to use the competition match data results, since there are userIDs included:

Do you know any other way to get them?

I think this userID could be something you could also add to the leaderboard api results:
Currently the userName is included but not the userID


I agree that including it in the leaderboard API could make sense.

For now, the “old” match history may be the best option:


I had an issue finding these as well, I thought maybe this is intended to prevent to much information on other players. But I don’t know.
In my opinion it does make sense to add them though, we pretty much have all information on other players anyway.


Thanks @n-sanders.

This is much better than doing it with the competition matches api.


Will be simple to add this to the leaderboard, expect that to be out next week. Will probably toss it in a few other locations where user data is serialized where it makes sense.

4/29/20 update