4/29/20 update

Boss visibility fixes

  • During competitions, we often have special custom bosses available for players to defeat. Because this causes there to be a large number of bosses, we hide some of the default ones. However, this was also affecting competitions that did not have special custom bosses - namely, the ranked auto-competitions that everyone is a part of! Because of this, only punchbag rob has been visible for a while. He is now rejoined by some of the old bosses.

User Serialization improvements

  • As discussed, userID is now visible anywhere where user data is sent over by the backend.
  • All user serialization was refactored and consolidated to improve privacy and speed. The API will return slightly different information because of this.

Minor Misc

  • An issue that caused ~1/500 algos to become stuck compiling due to network issues should now be gone. Let us know if an algo you upload gets stuck compiling forever.
  • An issue where matches could rarely go ‘missing’ due to network issues has been resolved. Will cause a very small increase in matches played, and prevent competitions from rarely requiring a manual ‘continue’ from staff, like what happened here.
  • This patch also has some minor security, efficiancy and other backend improvements.


  • Due to the way frontend web pages are cached on the internet, it is possible that your frontend and the backend you are connecting too will not be in sync for up to a few horus after this post is created, depending on your location. This will result in ‘Anonymous Axlotle’ appearing in the top right corner instead of your displayName and cause other minor issues.