New season, new config -> funny mistakes & behavior

Well, as everyone here I guess, I am currently adjusting my algos/strategies to the new specs of the seasons 3.
And as usually, it leads to funny behavior.

If you never saw a defensive wall of 200 cores, an attack with 13 EMPs or an other with 39 pings, here it is!


That’s a pretty interesting twist to the game in the macro sense. I think a pretty cool config would be over abundance of resources that limits the number of information units on a given tile. I think with the right numbers the lack of coordinated speeds between information units could split the game into fractured attacks and macro control. Maybe 100% bit decay, 80 core start, 20 cores per round, 20 bits per round, 5 bit growth, max 5 information units per square? I think a custom config like that would purposely produce games like the above where you are forced to fracture the game map into individual areas you have to manage and upkeep with the onslaught, making trade-offs on defense/offense with how many areas you open.


That would be quite interesting/challenging indeed!

Along with the same note of this thread, I just had to share this replay, it was like fireworks :)… 9 EMPs manage to do 93 cores worth of damage.


There is also games like this:

That wouldn’t be possible without the new scramblers.

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I was watching this and talking to myself:
“hey, this top player is doing realy good moves vs Raptor !” (and Raptor is giveng me trouble lately…)
“lol, this are good moves, half his defence gone, and keeping him low on cores. I need to copy this side moves!”
“He is oppening the correnrs in the right moment, and never fights the Scramblers directly !”
"Wait … this is not a standard defence … why does it look so simular to mune… "
Note taken, go check my algo version 1.1.2 and revew the settigns if you wanna beat Raptor

Raptor scrambler defenses working really well there. Demorf shifting defense look v clever though.

My 50 lines-of-code Hydra spinoff seems to be doing better than my 2,000 line livinglarge A* pathfinding simulation demux argh. Going to focus on scoring this season rather than core damage.

Welp this is what happens when you can only communicate in primitives between Python and C++

Heed my warning and use a better method to make make your simulator adaptable to new configs


13 EMPs managed to deal 132 cores worth of damages :laughing: (turn 80)

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