Invisible units in browser-mode

When I’m playing the browser version of the game the “Ping” , “Scrambler” , “Filter” and “Encryptor” are invisible.
The “Destructor” units are displayed as trapezoids and the “EMP” units are similarly distorted.
Here’s a screenshot

I’m using Chrome, a friend of mine tried it as well and it works for him.
I’m not getting any major errors, only one: “Uncaught ReferenceError: $st is not defined” (at common.js:263)
and 2 warnings about reused texture IDs in BaseTexture.js:795 and Texture.js:499

Same issue as this I believe:

Need to turn on hardware acceleration for chrome.

I have hardware acceleration turned on, but I have the same issue. At first, I had the problem, it later magically began working properly, and then just recently, it stopped working again.

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Never mind. I tried turning hardware acceleration off and then on again, and it fixed it.

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