Problem running the game in chrome

I wanted to check out this game and the competition. However as seen on the image below the entities on the board are not visible(there are still some particle effects). This problem only seems to occur in the chrome browser.

It’s most likely that you need to turn on hardware acceleration for your chrome.

Settings -> Click the 3 bars button on the top left -> Advanced -> System -> Use Hardware acceleration when available.

You may need to restart your chrome after changing the setting.

Thanks for the reply.

But hardware acceleration was already active for my chrome. So the problem Is not solved yet.

Could you give us your browser version?

Something else you could try while we investigate:
Right click on the window and hit inspect. Then right click the refresh page button on the top left and hit “empty cache and hard reload” and restarting your browser.

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My browser version is 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: Stable)

And following your steps seems to have solved the issue.
Thanks for the help!

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However depending on the amount of people affected I do think there should be a permanent solution on the software side if possible.

I have the same exact same problem on my laptop, but not on my other computer

I suffer from this problem as well. Chrome 69.0.3497.81, Linux Mint 17.