Introducing Round Robin Groups Competition Format

We will be trying out a new competition format for ranked competitions, which we plan to have replaced ‘Fully Placed’ competitions as the primary competition type used for most terminal competitions, including our upcoming fall events.

The issue with fully placed competitions is that top algos can get knocked out of the main bracket very early due to bad matchups, which has caused major disappointment in our live competitions.

The new format is called ‘Round Robin Groups’. In this format, all players will be broken up into groups of 4-6, and will play against each other. The 2 players with the most wins are promoted to the next round, where players are shuffled into new groups.

There are a few advantages with this system:

  • Everyone plays a large number of games per competition
  • It is much less likely that a top algo will be knocked out due to a ‘fluke’.


  • More games means it will take more time to run, and take away more games from ranked games. This seems like a very minor non-issue.
  • Might be more confusing
  • Players can rematch in the same competition

Overall, we think this format is more fair and more interesting. We are, as always, very interested in your feedback. Look forward to trying it out next week.