I made MHUMAN_TOP_13 crash (he is currently number 3)

Here is the replay against MMHUMAN, anyone knows what happened?


It’s unlikely anyone but mmhuman could answer with any confidence.

But a few curious tidbits:

  1. It’s not the first time it’s crashed:
	"id": 32557,
	"name": "mhuman_top_13",
	"compilationStatus": "Completed",
	"lastGameAt": "2018-11-07T20:24:59.536Z",
	"elo": 2154,
	"language": null,
	"createdAt": "2018-11-02T11:34:22.873Z",
	"crashCount": 5,
	"user": "mmhuman"
  1. Since it was created 5 days ago, there’s a good chance he already has a newer algo with it fixed and is letting this one hang out because of it’s strong global performance

  2. Regarding the specific crash, it’s interesting that it happened so early in the match. And if the compute time is accurate on the crashing turn, it happened in the first 1 ms of his processing.

4. You did have some early removal, but I’d imagine mmhuman generally handles that just fine. But if the proc time is right, it would likely have something to do with their beginning board analysis as they started to plan their deploy phase.


I know.) This algo crashes sometimes. I don’t delete it, because I like to see some of my algo in the top. I know what is the problem, I fixed it in newer versions of my algo.


@mhuman Any chance you got inspired by my algo’s name (that built exactly the same base :joy:). That was some weeks ago though, which is why I kinda doubt it, but it is such a nice coincidence.

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No.) The exact name of algo is mhuman_top, and number after the name is just a version of the algo.) If you don’t blow your own horn, no one will do it for you.

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@mhuman Sorry, what? I was genuinely intrigued by that because I consider changing up my algo’s name at the moment (even though I changed the strategy I kept the name). My algo literally looked exactly the same and I do not know about your history with the game. I am sorry :zipper_mouth_face:

Maybe someone else also finds this beautiful:

The human0046 id=18298 algo played its last match at 2018-10-22T17:06:24.758Z, which is about two weeks ago (the reason I played with the thought that @mhuman’s algo might be inspired by this one is that it was top 2 when I deleted it, i.e. 1967 elo before elo influx).

mhuman_top_13: https://terminal.c1games.com/watch/854529
human0046: https://terminal.c1games.com/watch/533962

Beautiful screenshots

The fact that I now found out our algos use the same strategy (mine not anymore) intrigued me a bit more after having already noticed the name similarity some time ago.

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In short, I didn’t know about your algorithm when I chose the name of my algo.

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