ELO rating difference after a match

First of all, thanks for showing ELO for matches. Great stuff.

Would appreciate also seeing difference on gained/lost ELO for every single match.
This would make it more transparent and possibly give more feedback from players who are interested in helping to track ELO bugs.

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I did a few queries after fixing the Elo system early this week and all games since then have had the correct number of points exchanged, though that number is often 0. The issue is in matchmaking, but yes being able to see all that data would be nice.

We do track Elo before/after for all the matches, but its more of a frontend thing where they dont want to overwhelm people with lots of information and there is only so much room for it. Ill mention it to frontend

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Speaking of matchmaking, will that be seeing any adjustments? Given how small the pool of matches is, it seems like there wouldn’t be many “more than 400 point difference matches” that account for 0 elo difference when they go as planned. Yet my bots have consistently shown the ability to beat -50 elo bots and generally don’t seem to challenge up, just slowly going up by having a high winrate against bots around the 1500 elo mark.

There is a large discussion about the state of matchmaking here: