Algo upload says "compiling"

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to upload my first algo, and all it says is that it is compiling. Does anyone know why this is?

Thank you for the help in advance :smile: :heart:


Same here. I’ve been waiting for about half an hour

Same here. Admins, how long does this last?

same, i thought it had something to do with files or names so i uploaded 6 variants with different names and file names but this makes no difference

Update: It seems to be working again now. I don’t know why exactly, but now my algos compile pretty much instantly

Yeah, mine seems to be working now too. They must have updated something

We got a huge influx of players thanks to codebullet so we had to scale our servers accordingly sorry. Thanks for your patience!


We just significantly increased the number of servers compiling the algos, the process should be much faster now. Thank you for your patience!


Guilty as charged, I was one of those players :laughing:

Thank you for sorting it out

The problem just started back up (at least for me), I was compiling fine for the past hour or two and suddenly it stopped working, did the servers just go down or what happened?

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It’s not just you, I’m experiencing the same issue. :expressionless:

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My Algo compiles since ~1h any news? .-.

i’m also here because of codebullet and now my algo’s are stuck at compiling again

Yep, I’ve been having compiling issues for the last few hours. :pensive:

Same here. My algos where compiling almost instantly last night and then all of the sudden I had one compiling overnight and it still isn’t done yet.

Yeah, seems like the issue is back. Is it just because of the huge amount of new players?

Hey everyone,

Engineering is currently working on this. We identified an issue with our servers, and are working on a solution. We have a short-term solution that should handle the problem for now, we expect that algos will compile again within the next 15 minutes or so. We are investigating the root cause so we can guarantee more consistent behavior.

Sorry about the service disruption!

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502 sever error
The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
Please try again in 30 seconds.

Same here, i am just gonna wait about 10 mins because they said they were doing some maintenance.

Any information on how long the maintenance will take and whether there will be more downtime in the future? I really like the concept of this game, but it’s kind of hard to actually play it like this :smile: