Algo Removal is not Smooth

This is what removing an algo looks like now:

I am assuming that this change (the prompt to confirm removal) was added because of this topic. @Janis’ reply on there is exactly what I thought about it:

(seems so ironic, now that it happened :smile:)

@kkroep shares our opinion:

Something like this imo does “destroy” the dynamics. @Janis had the following idea:

That would be a simple, but already good implementation. A slightly more complicated one is the undo button, which is what @kkroep requested initially.

I would have a bunch of ideas on how to implement that, but I am going to limit my thoughts to the front end part:

The slot of the removed algo would get replaced by an undo option, like this:

(the look of this was caused by my laziness to open a proper image manipulation software)

On a positive note: I really enjoy the design changes and additions in general. It is just this that annoyed me.