Feature request: undo or remove option to remove algos with phone


See title, I accidentally removed an algo while checking stuff on my phone. It wasn’t one of my top algos so it is okay, but it gave me quite a scare that I might remove my top algo with a fat finger O_o’

Is this an easy fix maybe?

To devs: please do not introduce a removal confirmation popup. :blush:
I like the dynamics now.

Checkmark for controlling confirmation of removal is ok :slight_smile:

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O god no, that was not at all what I was having in mind. I thought about limitations to the mobile website. The same way you cannot add new algos on your phone, you also cant remove them. A checkmark would also work of course.

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When I use it on my phone the only thing I can do is check the leaderboard, how can I acces my algo’s?


I can’t see my ELO there, is that the idea?

It’s a mistake, the’yre going to fix it on Monday