A sad excuse of an active forum user

This is ironic (and a rant)
It is funny, I am sort of active on the forums, but I have no good performing algo at all… Which is odd because even people who just started becoming active have gotten top 10 algos already. I feel very stupid not being able to get a good nice working algo. Most likely It is because I am probably not the most skilled programmer, but I mean, even @zigzagninja who (correct me if I am wrong) is a recent user and now has a really good algo. It is funny how whatever strategy I seem to have it never works. Maybe I am missing something like a turn simulator, probably thats it, but I should not have THAT low of a performing algo right? Maybe, I don’t know, but I do hope to improve, and who knows? I might finally have a good one to show off.

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I would mention a couple of things. Just because someone is fairly new to the competition, I would argue this matters much less than recognizing a strategy and general programming familiarity. I’m sure new users who rise quickly have had a fair amount of experience before this competition, and if not, then they are very talented and color me impressed :slight_smile:.

I imagine that everyone in this competition feels discouraged at some point (I certainly have). For instance, I am currently working on generative algorithms for developing a coherent base. In terms of a consistent/reliable strategy, it has been a total flop (one of many). However, I have learned a lot by implementing it and I have hopes for improving it.

My main point is that while achieving a certain rank is certainly a good goal, it is helpful to take stock once in a while and think, what have I learned in the process. That is what this competition is really about (in my opinion), providing a space to practically learn new skills in a fun and engaging way. The function of this is to connect programmers and individuals who would like to learn. Everyone starts at different stages, but what matters is that you try something new, and maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t (just take a look at my algos’ version numbers :laughing:, there are a lot).

Anyway, my main point would be don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the rank you want (I certainly haven’t reached my goal yet), focus on what you want to try next, particularly if it is something new to you.

Lastly, I’d just wish good luck to all :).


Well I guess I must be doing something right, you are correct I’m decently new here and currently have an algo in the top ten, but theres still a lot of room for improvement. I cant say I have to much experience, I’m only 15 and this is my first time coding in python ever(I worked with Javascript since I was 11 though so…)
I don’t know, I’m usually just decently good when it comes to things like this. It probably helps that I’m good in strategy games in general to. To give you some advice, maybe try and copy really good players, with easy base structures to copy, like kkroep or kauffk(my thanos started as a copy of soul_of_cthae), try to get it work well, then analyse every game that you lose and try to patch that weakness. If you can’t seem to do this, even a specific defence will help.

What is your current best performing algo? I would like to take a look at it.

Out of curiosity and to make a point in this thread, would be nice to know number of uploads per user :slight_smile: @C1Ryan?

Im pretty sure 8’ had a way of doing this, look at this thread:

No Idea how he did it exactly though

I think I know how this would be done since you can see when algos are uploaded. I’ll give it a look if I have time, but probably not for a little while :man_shrugging:. I encourage anyone interested to use the server api starter script I wrote (in contributions thread), it should contain everything you’d need to make your own implementation.

I might check it out on the weekend, we‘ll see

i am pretty new here as well, and can tell u i have done like 10 series of algos and lots of them even my top one now is pretty bad in comparison to lets say the rest in the top 20 still my best place was for short time rank 16 atm at 41 i think, without any action frame usage just the basic functions provided in the documentation i plan on implementing something like simulations or at least finding enemy information units soon tho, (if i have the time that means).
My point beeing you can do a lot with just a good base design and iterations on improving on weaknesses.
As said above a really good start is to copy a base of better players in the top 10 or even 50.
Start on countering rush tatics like ping cancons which u will face a lot of in the lower ranks or i guess mid ranks too.
The map tool in the Community Contributions section is a good help too.

sorry for the, i am pretty sure awful english, it is not my first language.

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hang on, @zigzagninja, the thanos series is yours? Are you on the leaderboard as both IWannaWIn with thanos and ZigZagNinja with hugoslayer? Or are there actually multiple thanos’s or ninjas running around here? I be confuse :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes I was very confused to, when I saw that other zigzagninja, but thats Not me, I made the thanos series and not hugoslayer must be coincedence…
I get that this might seem suspicious, that I have accounts but I swear I don’t…

I might want to make a new forum account, Yeah maybe Ill do that to avoid that confusion all the time


Ah ok. I was wondering.

Hilariously, the confusion is amplified by the fact that hugoslayer and thanos have identical turn zero profiles :laughing:


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Wait really? geez
Very similar algo in general too…
Maybe he copied me? xD

But haha, I’m better than him, thanos won against you and hugo didnt xD