Is this a bug?

Recently, there was a small spike of uploaded algos in recorded metrics:

This made me curious and thus I looked up which users uploaded algos from December 5 16:05 to December 5 21:18 (2018-12-05T16:05:00.000Z to 2018-12-06T21:18:00.000Z).
In total there were 183 algos uploaded in about 5 hours.

Aeldrexan: 2​
Dilpreet S: 3​
IWannaWin: 30​
Isaac: 2​
Junaid: 5​
KauffK: 8​
Knowyourenemy: 51​
Luc-luchtloper: 6​
OstrichMan: 5​
Paprikadobi: 18​
Ryan D: 6​
Timothy K: 11​
connorS119987: 5​
coolisjack: 9​
em: 4​
hugohafner: 2​
janis-s: 2
protation: 1
quincyc3: 1
sharkMAH: 3
"others": 9

This basically got me wondering whether some users really uploaded fifty algos in that time or there is some kind of bug that would duplicate algos?

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I wouldn’t be surprised if some users uploaded a high amount of algos in 5 hours.
I do upload a lot of algos myself when I change some code as I debug them in the playground and there are probably other users that do the same.

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Yeah I really tried to make my algo better there, it seems correct xD (im IWannaWin)

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