Wrong algo selected for Codebullet Challenge

So I just looked into the matches tab of the Codebullet challenge to see how my algo played its first match.
But when I looked for my name I saw that my highest Elo algo played instead of the one I selected a few hours before the competition started yesterday.
I checked in the players tab and it shows the same algo as in the matches tab.

The weird thing is that whenever I selected my algo I double checked by reloading the page and saw that I selected the right algo… but there was another player with my exact name (which is weird because what are the chances of another player in 6000 having the same name with the same 3 digits behind it) and this player never selected a specific algo thus taking his highest Elo algo.
When I check the players tab now I only see one player with my name with my highest Elo algo selected.

I think this is a bug that occured when creating my account via Codebullet’s link or something when it automatically entered the competition for me.

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It seems likely that there was some sort of error on our end, we will investigate this. Unfortunately, as the tournament is already being run, we will not be able to change the Algo used.

Sorry about this! We are improving every day, so every competition we do will be a little bit smoother!

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Thank you for investigating this.
I just wanted to let you know about that issue so that it can be fixed for upcoming tournaments because it was frustrating seeing an early algo playing instead of my best one.

It seems to be an error that only occurs for new accounts because I just checked the C1Ryan Challenge and there is no other player with my name.