Would like help with algo

I am trying to add a portion of code to my algo that removes destructors if they fall below half their maximum stability. I am relatively new to coding in python and would greatly appreciate some guidance. Here is what I have tried along with some slight variations.

    if unit_type == DESTRUCTOR and (stability < max_stability / 2):

Did you assign values to your variables unit_type, stability, and max stability earlier in the code? For example:

unit_type = some_unit.unit_type

If you did not do something like that, your code will have no concept of what ‘unit_type’ is and will crash. In addition, attempt_removal takes a location as input, not a unit_type.

You are pretty close, but here is an example of what a chunk of code that does what you want to might look like. Note that this is psuedocode, and will not work if copy/pasted, it just outlines the general logic.

for each location in possible_locations_for_destructors:
    x, y = location
    current_unit = game_state.game_map[x,y][0]
    if current_unit.unit_type = DESTRUCTOR and (current_unit.stability < current_unit.max_stability / 2):

This code would work because we have a reference to a specific unit. I’ll leave it to you to create a list of possible locations. There are tons of resources online to help you learn more python as well, good luck!


You can also modify the add_unit function in game_map.py to push each GameUnit to a one dimensional array, and iterate through that easily and quickly instead of iterating through a diamond shaped, two dimensional array.

The gamelib libraries are just a bunch of python files in a folder, you can modify and add to them as necessary. (If you do add a file, make sure it’s listed in __init__.py)


Thank you, that was very helpful!