Won't Forget Truth_of_Cthaeh

Rank 1 Algo from 07/10/2018 to 27/10/2018.

@KauffK’s Algo dominated the leader board for twenty straight days. Before that they also had other algos at rank 1, but Truth_of_Cthaeh took it on October 7, 2018.

Match that lost them the top spot:
https://terminal.c1games.com/watch/649662 (against MazeRunner of @n-sanders with 1747 elo at the time)

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The maze meta solidifies further. Unless there’s some major change in matchmaking or a new viable counter-strategy is discovered, i can see maze algos dominating the top of the leaderboard for quite some time.

It really just started now. Obviously sawtooth was on the leader board for quite some time, but it has just established as the meta over the last week.

The week prior to that, the meta was more or less the side switching single line mostly emp’s (I do not have a good name for it) Cthaeh strategy. I vividly remember you, me, @KauffK and possibly others that used it dominating the leader board (sorry if I am neglecting someone) .

You (Cubed-9) and Truth_of_Cthaeh are still present at the top. If I had not removed my algo, we would almost have a diverse variety of strategies with e.g. @Aeldrexan coming in.

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Emp switches probably were the precursor to maze algos. An Emp switcher algo can easily adapt to become a maze algo, so the switch to maze algos was bound to happen pretty soon.

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Ahh, it finally happened. I’ve been waiting for that stubborn old thing to weaken for ages. All the mazes finally got it, along with all of Ael’s since Truth does not change it’s base other than side-switching, so its nice and predictable for the adaptives.

Now I wait and see how long it takes my new models to make the long and slow climb back up. I haven’t given up on the “side switching emp rail corner gun difficult-to-name thing” strategy, but I’ve been adding so many options to the menu of on-the-fly modifications that Truth’s successor is difficult to classify. The umbrella term “psuedo-adaptive” works for now I think :thinking:

P.S.: nice match, @n-sanders

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Should be at least ‘reasonable’ by Wednesday with the initial matchmaking changes going out

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What are these matchmaking changes planned to be? I haven’t seen news of this anywhere else, so just wondering

Wow the Rank 1 is very unstable right now, after Truth_of_Cthaeh we have see sawtooth dominating for a few hours, then my Aelgoo, and now it’s @kkroep’s algo EMP^ERROR at the top!

It is very unstable yes. I believe I caused you to lose top spot just barely with the recent KeKroepes_2.0 match. However, I now had the pleasure of watching your algo in action against two of my algorithms… and I have to say I am very impressed by it. The way it addresses opposing attack paths is very refreshing. I can imagine it absolutely destroys static EMP algorithms and static PING rushes. It is by far the most adaptive algorithm I have seen. I am stoked that an algorithm like that can climb to top spot.

I feel like a more matured version of that algorithm would be superior to my current pseudo adaptive ideas. I am currently saving the links to all replays of matches against your algos to see what I can experiment with when I have some more time. Keep up the creative work! Finally truly complex/adaptive algorithms are breaking to the top spots!

May I ask why you didn’t participate in the code bullet challenge? I imagine this algorithm could draw quite a bit of attention there,and possibly a nice 2000,-

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I participate in the CB challenge with Aelgoo_44 and went up to quarterfinals, loosing to sawtoothV2.

O right, my mistake. The targeted defenses of your algo are really impressive, but I don’t like how it attacks. I feel like incorporating ideas from successful static algorithms (with encryptors) to buff up the attacking power would net you an absolutely devastating algorithm. Good luck developing your algos!

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