Will the Project end after Global Competition 2018?

I have wondered, because the prize money is quite high, but i really enjoy coding algos and trying to improve myself. I hope that the Project >_TERMINAL will not end soon. But I want to hear that from the staff if its true. :confused: Sorry for “spamming” this, but i found no better way to stay in touch with the developers of Terminal

We have tons of ideas and plans for the game, and there will be plenty of global and regional competitions long after our first global competition is complete - stay tuned!

We have only been really ‘live’ and enjoying a large number of users for a few weeks now, so most of the updates you guys have seen are relatively small, but we have lots of long term plans that we can’t wait to share with everyone.


>_Terminal will never end :smiling_imp:

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Perfect. Hyped about it :slight_smile: