Will the engine source code be released?

Will the source code for the engine for the game (which is engine.jar in the starter kit) be released? If not, has anyone from the community open-sourced an implementation for this (I couldn’t find any)?

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I think it would be a great idea, it would make the process of creating new starter kits easier

Probably not, as creating an action phase simulator is a large part of the challenge for most. Some feel that it “giving it away” takes away from the hard work many people put into their own development, seen here. I think the best example of this feeling is that there hasn’t been an open sourced C++ game engine released yet, despite the numerous people who both have them (or at least the simulator) and have chosen to open source other things instead. Particularly in that last thread, where nothing has moved forward in the past month and a half.

Personally I’ve been looking for other tools/things to share instead and don’t foresee me open sourcing my work towards a game engine. I think others continue to share this sentiment they longer they work on it and realize the effort needed to make a good simulator/engine.

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Is it against the rules if I were to share my own simulator and source code entirely?

I would wait for a C1 reply on that one, aside from the above considerations.

@rishubjain yes, that would undermine the integrity of the competition, we encourage users to discuss problems but not to share specific lines of code

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