When playing nothing shows

Starting today, when I do stuff in the playground, the playground doesn’t do anything.
My algo is pretty bad, but I know it works. I ran it a few days ago, and it worked perfectly. But now nothing shows. I’ve tried refreshing the page, and it works for maybe 2 to 3 games, then it does it again.
I’m using Google chrome, which (i heard) is the recommended browser for this.

In the bottom left, there is a thing called the ‘algo sequence analizer’ which fills up with frames and can be used to watch the game. I believe in your case no frames are appearing, it should be stuck at frame 0 out of 0 if I am correct.

This is a new issue with the playground that I first saw this weekend. For now you will have to refresh until it works. We will fix it this week.

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Ok, thanks for clarifying.

Yes I have noticed the same issue. Refreshing several times seems to fix it but it is slow and time consuming.