What is the planned monetization scheme?

So, I saw Codebullet’s video about this game, and I headed over here to check it out, but something has me confused and concerned: what is the planned monetization scheme for this game? As far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem to be any way for the developers to extract money from the userbase, and given that they’re apparently running competitions that will give away thousands of dollars, it seems likely that they believe that they’ll be able to make at least that much money. The fact that there’s no word on how they plan on accomplishing that is sort of suspicious: as they saying goes, “If you’re not paying for a product on the Internet, you’re the product being sold.”

Are they simply waiting for the game to receive further development before they start charging a purchase price for it? Are they going to implement pay-to-win mechanisms that give paying players the ability to unlock stronger units that free-to-play players, or cosmetic skins for their units that the players can buy? If they are going to do either of these two options, are they planning on having them directly purchased, or placed in lootboxes?

Are they planning on running advertisements on the web pages that the games are played on? Are they planning on harvesting the code that the players produced and sell it to third parties? Are they planning on selling the user’s personal information to third parties (something that I believe that the GDPR makes illegal without explicitly informing the users first)? Are they planning on making money by acting as a job recruitment company, and taking commissions from companies who they place users with?

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as codebullet said, they also offer jobs to the best
maybe the money is a way to gain attention and they are just looking for some good programmers

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Bingo – Correlation One is a talent technology company. We host competitions like Terminal to connect the world’s best software engineers and data scientists with leading employers.

Here is an example of a prior competition series that we developed, The Data Open: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPZ-bbAdwJE. Each year, we host live data science competitions for thousands of top students at the world’s best universities. The Data Open is sponsored by Citadel, one of the world’s most successful quantitative hedge funds.

Terminal is our newest competition series. Unlike the Data Open, it is more focused on software engineers, but more importantly, it is open to everyone! We want to put every coder in the world on a level playing field, eligible to compete regardless of background, education, or country of origin. The very best will win cool prizes and have opportunities to connect with Terminal sponsors.

And just to clarify – we have no intention of charging users or implementing ‘pay-to-win’ schemes, and we will not sell anyone’s personal data without permission.

-Andrew, C1