What has C1 been up to?

What has C1 been up to?


Hey everyone!

I realize the C1 team has been pretty quiet on Terminal for the past few weeks, and wanted to check in with everyone and fill you in on what we have been up to and whats coming soon.

What we have been doing
Our live competitions are our main focus, so during the live competition season we put most of our effort into ensuring these were as smooth and polished as possible. We spent some time afterwards making improvements based on take-aways from the season. Two features that came from this were the in-browser IDE and the ability to see crashed games. In addition, we will soon be releasing the ability to see the error logs for crashed games.

We also spent a few weeks handling tech-debt and implementing client-facing features. We modularized and decoupled a lot of our backend logic, significantly increased test coverage, and are in the process of adding Redis caching.

Whats in the works
The main online feature that I want to get running in the near future is fully-automated competitions. It takes a significant amount of human effort to put together, manage and run our competitions as of now, and I consistently fall short on the amount of online competitions that I want to run each season. By completely automating this process, we will be able to ensure online players always have something to work towards and compete in.

In addition to this, there are always more changes in the works. As always, if you have any ideas, concerns or suggestions, we pride ourselves in making the best platform possible, so please share your thoughts on the forum