Welcome to Season 7!

With the release of the new config, Season 7 has officially begun!

Terminology Update
Unit names and other terminology is now more generic/intuitive

  • Ping --> Scout
  • EMP --> Demolisher
  • Scrambler --> Interceptor
  • Filter --> Wall
  • Destructor --> Turret
  • Encryptor --> Replaced by new unit: Factory
  • Firewalls --> Structures
  • Information --> Mobile Units
  • Bits --> Mobile Unit Points, (MP)
  • Cores --> Structure Points, (SP)

New Config
The new config for this season is our largest config update since upgrades were released in season 5. It has its own dedicated forum post


  • Raffle-bosses were incorrectly being displayed when viewing the match history of any algo. This should only be visible during competitions
  • A large number of bosses were incorrectly available on the playground. A smaller number is now available.

Known issues

  • The terminal website does not properly handle pre-season 7 game replays. This will be fixed soon.
  • There is a small chance that playground will take forever to load for some users over the next few days, refresh if this happens and it should fix
  • Post-game, bits generated by factories are subtracted from ‘Points lost to decay’, often causing this to appear as a negative number
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My opponent lost negative amount from decay. I figure that is a bug.

nvm Appears to be that factories give mobile units, but counts as negative decay.

What do you mean by ‘negative decay’? Are you using a helper function in our starterkits? We may need to update that, thanks for bringing it up

In the game end stats against the starteralgo I see: mobile points Lost To Decay

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Thanks, Will fix this soon!

Fun to see the new changes!

Have any of the bosses been updated to work under the new config?
My quick messing around in the playground implies something’s not working right.

So assuming they need to be updated still, do you have such plans? Or are entirely new bosses coming?

We will release a few updated bosses next week, ill go ahead and disable the broken ones

Is there a timeline for updating the starter kit sample code?

And is the plan for the unit renaming in the code/engine to happen as part of that? Or will something like the unit shorthands still have “legacy” naming conventions?

Getting rid of legacy names in various places is something that bothers me, but is not a high priority.

Python starter kit will be updated before the start of the competition next week. I also hope to get around to updating other algos as well.

Python starterkit is updated for S7

This stat is not tracking properly due to MP gained from factories. This stat has been removed from tracking for now, and may be restored in coming weeks.

A few simple bosses are out to start the season. More will be released next week