Weekly competition fixes

With the influx of players from the competition season, a number of issues and edge cases were revealed with weekly competitions, causing issues for the past few weeks.


  • If a player was on a team, selected a team algo that they uploaded, then left the team, they would be able to participate with the team algo, which was unintended and caused issues
  • Some requests could fail due to time-out with large numbers of users in a competition
  • If a user had uploaded custom-config algos this season, but no season algos for the current season, season algos from previous seasons could be selected for the competition.
  • Due to problems caused by these root issues, some data got into a bad state which would normally be unreachable and had to be manually adjusted


  • Weekly comps should run smoothly from here out with these issues resolved.
  • The Week4 competitions were corrupted by these issues and are unusable, and this set of competitions has been removed.
  • Some players may have been awarded incorrect points. This problem is self correcting, as if anyone is at a significantly incorrect rank they will move up/down faster in coming weeks, and steps will not be taken to manually correct it.

This change was in the pipeline but was not merged until today. The week 5 competitions will be run later today with the fixes in place.