Website issue? (Up again) would load black page for me (both PC and mobile).

Is anyone else having an issue?

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EDIT: looks like it is up again.

I am getting the same thing with playground, my algos, leaderboard, etc.

Going to the main page now shows a down for maintenance page.

As a plug for my stuff (hehe) you can still run py scripts/contributions/ to watch games locally :).


I’m trying to use the visualizer, but I’m getting errors with the Matplotlib module. It asks me if I’d like to install it, then throws a NameError when I answer “y” or “yes”. I installed it myself using pip, then pip3, and it’s still not working for some reason.

If it helps I’m using an Ubuntu WSL.

Hmmm, I just checked and confirmed that as long as matplotlib is installed it should work (I tested on Ubuntu). This would mean there is some issue with importing maptlotlib in general. Are you able to import it anywhere? Try running this in terminal:

>import matplotlib

if nothing appears (no errors) it should be fine. Otherwise it means either matplotlib was never installed or it cannot find the appropriate path.

I personally installed matplotlib for Ubuntu using: sudo apt-get install python3-matplotlib.
It must be run then using python3 instead of python.

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It seems to be working now, thank you. The WSL doesn’t allow GUI’s to pop up or some other yada yada I’m not familiar with, so I’ll have to find a way to get this working in Windows or boot into an actual Ubuntu installation. But the script runs!

Very interesting that they don’t allow pop-ups. I wonder what that extends to… looks like I have some fun time research to do :). Thanks for sharing your results!