Visualizing Elo growth

The displayed elos in your “My Global Replays” are those of your opponents but given your current elo and the elo of your last opponent and the outcome of the match, which can all be found using the api, you could go backward and find values of your elo over time and create a graph. That’s what I’m currently working on but I am unsure how elo is calculated. Currently I have created a dynamic graph that plots the elos of your opponents given your algo id. If you don’t know your algo id then you can find that here If a developer wants to let me know how they’re currently calculating elo it would be very easy for me to create a graph that tracks an algos own elo. Thanks!

edit: I made it! here’s the link!
Open Source Code:

The link now maps elo and prints the name of your rival as well as information about the matches you’ve played against each other. I’ll keep this page updated when I add new stuff. Enjoy!

This should explain it to you. The only thing that we don’t know is the constante K but I believe it can be calculated back with the leaderboard (Or if C1 gives the answer)

Edit:I would say K = 35 but it needs to be verified

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Pretty close, we have been using 32 since the first round of matchmaking changes.

Other than that, we are using a standard Elo ranking system. I didn’t check Arnby’s link to thoroughly, but the wiki page on Elo should give you all the information you need, and you can check your results against this calculator.

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