Viewing Replays

How do I view a replay for algos that are not my own?

you have to know the id of the algo, then you can type:<algo_id>/matches to have access to the ids of this algo’s matches and then you type:<match_id> to watch the match

You can get some ids with the leaderboard :<num_page>

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Is anyone aware of ways to get the ID of algos not on the leaderboard? I was playing around with a script to download and analyze info about opponents that I’d lost against, but, naturally, many of them are not on the leaderboard since it only shows everyone’s single best algo. Is there a way to get those algo ID’s?

  1. Find your algo Id which you are interested in:
  2. Find all matches for that algo<algo_id>/matches.
  3. Find algo Id whom you lost to.
  4. Place the Id of the opponent in<algo_id>/matches and check them out.

If you know an algo id you can use my little side project (shameless plug) to find some info about it such as; games played(with links to watch), elo over time, and rival (most played user). I hope this helps.